Component Creator now supports the new Joomla routing system

In Joomla 3.8 a new routing system was added and now you can now use it for the components you build with Component Creator. 

The new routing system defines a new and more flexible interface for developers to handle creating and processing URLs and gives end-users more options as it relates to how URLs are displayed (including the often requested ability to remove content item IDs from the URL).

You can configure your component to use one of three different configurations:


  • The current routing system (which will remain the default behavior for new installations and the option that will be generally recommended for existing sites when upgrading),
  • The new routing system,
  • The new routing system with content item IDs removed.


Because the URLs generated with the new routing system are not 100% compatible with the existing router and its URLs, it is suggested that existing sites do not enable the new system without thoroughly testing their sites in a staging environment and addressing any URL changes.


! New sites are encouraged to make use of the new system immediately.


To enable new route system please go to administrator -> your component -> options -> component

Example URLs

No routing


Legacy routing


New routing


New routing with IDs removed



Additionally you can remove the initial “index.php” by using .htacess like you have always been able to.


If you have any questions or comments about this new feature in Component Creator, please post them in the forum.

You can read more about the new routing system and which core components support it as well in the official Joomla documentation.

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