The Joomla! Component Creator allows you to generate a fully functional, ready to install, custom Joomla! component in minutes. It is daily saving Joomla! developers hundreds of hours development time.


  • Create Joomla! 2.5 or 3.x components
  • Follows the Joomla! MVC coding standards
  • Create multilingual components

Ready to Install

  • Develop fully functioning ready to install components in minutes
  • Creates a zip archive with all files correctly named and extended
  • Includes files for both front end and backend


  • Don't waste time copy pasting code and extending MVC classes
  • Automatically add typical functionality such as state and ordering
  • Component Creator has saved Joomla! developers more than 10 years development time

Tables & Views

  • Add complex tables with CRUD functionality for both frontend and backend
  • Empty views ready for adding custom code
  • SQL Import existing database


  • Text, Textarea, Password and WYSIWYG Editor
  • Select, Radio buttons, Checkboxes
  • Media manager and com_categories
  • Joomla! Languages
  • Foreign key field (Select value from other table)

Premium Features

  • Top quality Technical support via ticket system and chat
  • Add multiple tables/views to your components
  • SQL Import
  • Starting from only €19/month


  • Website Redesign and interface improvements
  • Abandon legacy classes as soon as the new ones are properly documented and adopted by the Joomla! CMS.
  • Make Foreign Key field support N to N relationships
  • Add an option to organize forms with tabs and fieldsets
  • Allow adding custom fields
  • Allow editing and saving of generated code before building the component
  • Set the default ordering of a list
  • Make it possible to choose any field of a list as the link to form view
  • Nested set models




  • Select more than 1 field value in a Foreign Key Field. (new)
  • Standard field: color picker. (new)
  • Compatible with Joomla 3.5. (new)
  • Unique fields: marking a field as unique will prevent a value to repeat in that table. (new)
  • Show on: set a field so it will only be shown when other field has a certain value. (new)
  • Content history. One of the biggest additions to the Joomla! 3 branch.


  • Option to duplicate an item in Joomla! Backend 
  • Improve field uploads, set location and turn off MD5 hash
  • Multiple file upload 
  • Special Field: Alias fields with router support
  • 10 Standard Fields: Checkboxes, Headertag, groupeditlist, folderlist, filelist, imagelist, note, telephone, meter, number-
  • Special Field: Modified by
  • Standard Field: Toggle button
  • Front-end calendar filter



  • Front-end filters
  • Front-end Search Plugin
  • Module creator
  • Database updater
  • Improved router, better SEF URLs on front-end views
  • Standard field: usergroup
  • Multiple selections using SQL field
  • Joomla! core fields as foreign keys



  • Standard fields: E-mail, Tags
  • 3.1 compatible
  • Multilingual components
  • Empty views
  • Front-end views: form, item and list.
  • Multiple Foreign key
  • SEF URLs
  • ACL support
  • 3.0 compatible



  • SQL Importer
  • -----


User testimonials

Just wanted to say, that I really like Component Creator! It makes my life a lot easier and works really well! Keep on rockin!

Nicolas - Wine Barrel

We are very happy with your services. It as proven very useful for us in our daily work, saving the development team a lot of time. The support team for component creator is very interactive with the customers trough the forum and blogs. Component Creator is no doubt among the best tools for joomla! developers.

Bruno Barbosa - IDEIA Team

Usually this type of tools doesn't really work until you buy the comercial version. This is not the case you can create a perfect, no hacks, no spamy links, free advertising component.


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