The Joomla! Component Creator allows you to generate a fully functional, ready to install, custom Joomla! component in minutes. Every day it saves Joomla! developers hundreds of hours development time.


  • Fully compatible with the most recent stable Joomla! version
  • Follows the Joomla! MVC coding standards
  • Opret flersprogede komponenter

Klar til installation

  • Byg komponenter der er klar til at installere på få minutter
  • Opretter en zipfil med alle filer korrekt navngivet og extended
  • Indeholder filer til både frontend og backend


  • Spild ikke din tid med at kopiere kode og extende MVC klasser
  • Tilføj automatisk typisk funktionalitet som state og ordering
  • Component Creator has saved Joomla! developers more than 10 years development time

Tabeller & visninger

  • Tilføje komplekse tabeller med CRUD funktionalitet til både frontend og backend
  • Tom visning som er klar til at få tilføjet brugerdefineret kode
  • SQL import af eksisterende database


  • Tekst, Textarea, Password og WYSIWYG Editor
  • Select, radioknapper, afkrydsningsfelter
  • Media manager og com_categories
  • Joomla! Languages
  • Foreign key felt (Vælg værdien fra anden tabel)


  • Teknisk support i høj kvalitet via ticket system og chat
  • Add multiple tables/views/subforms to your components
  • SQL Import
  • Import components from other users
  • Starting from only €19/month


  • Abandon legacy classes as soon as the new ones are properly documented and adopted by the Joomla! CMS.
  • Make Foreign Key field support N to N relationships
  • Add an option to organize forms with tabs and fieldsets
  • Allow editing and saving of generated code before building the component
  • Set the default ordering of a list
  • Make it possible to choose any field of a list as the link to form view
  • Nested set models




  • Website Redesign and interface improvements new
  • Subforms new
  • Add new Joomla fields.
  • Allow custom ordering in component lists.
  • Extend features for FK (ordering, external tables).
  • Update lot of deprecated methods and legacy classes.
  • Quit supporting 2.5 components.



  • Select more than 1 field value in a Foreign Key Field. 
  • Standard field: color picker.
  • Compatible with Joomla 3.5.
  • Unique fields: marking a field as unique will prevent a value to repeat in that table.
  • Show on: set a field so it will only be shown when other field has a certain value.
  • Content history. One of the biggest additions to the Joomla! 3 branch.



  • Option to duplicate an item in Joomla! Backend 
  • Improve field uploads, set location and turn off MD5 hash
  • Multiple file upload 
  • Special Field: Alias fields with router support
  • 10 Standard Fields: Checkboxes, Headertag, groupeditlist, folderlist, filelist, imagelist, note, telephone, meter, number-
  • Special Field: Modified by
  • Standard Field: Toggle button
  • Front-end calendar filter



  • Front-end filters
  • Front-end Search Plugin
  • Module creator
  • Database updater
  • Improved router, better SEF URLs on front-end views
  • Standard field: usergroup
  • Multiple selections using SQL field
  • Joomla! core fields as foreign keys



  • Standard fields: E-mail, Tags
  • 3.1 compatible
  • Multilingual components
  • Empty views
  • Front-end views: form, item and list.
  • Multiple Foreign key
  • SEF URLs
  • ACL support
  • 3.0 compatible



  • SQL Importer
  • -----


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