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Component Creator has saved me hundreds of hours staring at empty files and not knowing where to start and has given me the confidence to build my own components for the first time. I can now create the component the client wants without making compromises.

Brian Teeman, Joomla! Co-founder
Joomla Training UK

Component Creator is the perfect tool to quickly create true Joomla components with multiple database relations. After creating about 40 components with Component Creator, the number of hours saved for me are uncountable. A perfect start for any Joomla tailored component project.

René Kreijveld, Webdeveloper
DSD Business Internet

Except for our Joomla update services we have been building custom solutions for Joomla driven websites for three years now. We use component-creator.com for the scaffolding of complex components. If there is an issue, which is rarely the case, a solution is always provided instantly. Component-creator.com: Often mimicked, never replicated.

Jan van de Laar, CEO

We are very happy with Component Creator and have used it to create many complex custom components for our clients. Generated code is very clean and in-line with core Joomla code. This has helped us in drafting custom solutions very fast and with less time spent on debugging. Thank you very much for your great services and we wish you great success.

JoomaFreaks, Joomla Developers

Component creator saved my weeks of coding, I've learned how Joomla works by examining generated components, and I would certainly not have the knowledge in developing Joomla extensions if it weren't for you guys :)

Dario Pintarić, Web developer
Kreda d.o.o.

Component Creator has reduced a lot of my development time. The time I saved with this creator was used to develop Professional extensions for Joomla. It's a great idea, to transform into various advanced components.


Amazing service. I just love it!

Andree Malave, Programmer

Absolutely incredible tool that every Joomla developer must have!

Alex Lavrik, Joomla Component

I had been struggling around to get my plugin working... Then I found the Component Creator! And it was REALLY a matter of a few minutes to get everything I needed and the plugin up and running. Really amazing!

Marcio Andrada, Integration Architect
Marcio Andrada IT Consulting

Fantastic! Component Creator is the best way to make Joomla components quickly. Really lovely!

Mohsen Ranjbar, Joomla Developer

Very good tool to speed up Joomla component development. I recommend it 100%. Greetings from Venezuela.

Alejandro Villegas, Web Developer
Estudio Capa 8, C.A.

Excellent tool, saved me hours of development and made the development process logical.

Stéfano Araujo Pereira, Analista/Desenvolvedor
Ax Media

Joomla Component Creator changed the game for me as a Joomla professional. It allowed me to quickly create the functional aspects of web applications in a matter of minutes, not days.

Jaime Urteaga, CEO
Digital Chair, Inc.

I really enjoy using the Component Creator because it gives us what we need for our development needs.

Alloh Jean, IT Cordinator

This tool saved us hundreds of hours. Would love to see it for other popular frameworks.

Antanas, Sys. Admin
IT Broliai

Component Creator is a very useful tool for creating Joomla extensions.

Jose Antonio, Web developer
Bilbao La Vieja

I love Component Creator! It's truly a game changer for Joomla. It has great features, and it seems like every time I visit the site they keep adding more and more. This is an essential service for any serious Joomla developer.

Cory Webb, Joomla specialist
Cory Webb Media

I have been using the Component Creator services the last few years and I can confidently say it's the best service for creating Joomla Components. Even a novice can create a Component. You guys have created a great tool!

Sanjeev Naroliya, CEO

A must-use bootstrapper component for serious Joomla developers.

Luca Mainieri, CEO
Neting Web Agency Bologna

The easy to use interface of Component Creator saves us a lot of time in managing our clients' websites and creating plugins, modules and extensions in minutes. That's the reason, I have recommended Component Creator to my seminar attendees and why my coaching students love to work with it. I'm grateful that it is saving a great deal of my time and money.

Ndifreke Atauyo, CEO & MD
BestSoft Nigeria Limited

It was very easy to customize the generated code. Highly recommended for all Joomla projects involving component development.

Mohamed Abdelaziz, Joomla Developer

Now we can make a specific component in a few hours, in comparison to many days or even months without Component Creator.

Alex Lerma, CEO

Its makes designing custom Joomla components as quick and simple as blinking an eye.

Matthew, Web Developer

As a business owner tools like this are a lifesaver. It just works and you save days if not weeks of time and money so you can focus on the important things: your customers. Great work!

Michael Borgers, CEO

Needed to create a list of sundial artisans with photos, URL, and a brief description of their creative sundials. Using Component Creator, it saved hours and integrated flawlessly into the rest of the Joomla driven website.

Robert L. Kellogg, Webmaster
North American Sundial Society

Your tool is awesome. It helped me a lot. Very helpful tool. Keep it up.

Giri Poshaneshwar, Sr. Software Engineer

In my daily work with Joomla I prefer tools which allows me to reach my goals in a fast and uncomplicated way. Component Creator is part of my workflow and is here to stay.

Stefan Weber, Web Developer

This application is very helpful and I often use it to speed up my work.

kindUp, webmaster

Convenient service that allows you to create a clear component in a few minutes. Thank you very much for your work.

Alex, Programmer

Very easy to use to create a basic component that you can then adapt to your needs. Really useful for beginners who don't yet understand the Joomla structure.

Paul Howlett, ICT Technician
Southernway Federation

If once took me hours or days to create a component. With Component Creator it takes me minutes and it gives me more time to worry about other things on my website.

Diogo Jesus, Web Developer
Furrety Phantom

I find this tool very useful. Thanks to Component Creator, I can quickly create the foundations of a component. Also features are constantly updated and assistance is well managed. I recommend it to everybody.

Francesco Reitano, CEO

Very good to create new components

Manuel Pintado, Teacher
Esc. Sec. Estremoz

Excellent tool for high quality custom component! Take Joomla to the next level!

Fabio, Web Designer
Fabio Toscano

Component Creator is an invaluable time saving tool for creating a quick framework to build on or to create complete components. Brilliant!

Dave Hanson, Developer
Thrive Web Design

Component creator is an essential step in our Joomla development process, saving hours of coding. The team constantly improves it and adds new features, and provide excellent support.

Rogerio Brito, Developer

I find it very useful to get started with component development on Joomla. Recommended to quickly setup things for you and get started with the actual work.

Adeel, Web Developer

As one of South Africa's largest dedicated Joomla development agencies, we rely heavily on Component Creator to rapidly create the scaffolding we need to go on to make award-winning solutions.

Stuart Steedman, Solutions Architect
Yonder Media

We have been using the Component Creator for a few years to streamline our component development process. It is a fantastic tool to build the whole flow of embedded systems in Joomla projects we undertake. The quality of the generated code is impressive, it is extremely clean and organized. It is a major asset for making more profitable and faster projects.

Paulo Ries, Web Developer
Trídia Criação

My company has used Component Creator for 3+ years now, and we have saved countless development hours this way. Component Creator has become a standard tool in our toolbox, and I anticipate it staying that way for years to come !

Jesper Dinesen, Managing Director

I am satisfied with the "Component Creator" service. Not only has it allowed me to be more productive, it has also helped me to better understand the Joomla platform. This has made it easier for me to make adjustments to the base component that "Component Creator" generates. 

I have developed projects thanks to "Component Creator". Without it, the projects I would have developed would have been of low quality and unreliable. 

I am a member of a Freelance platform and with the help of "Component Creator" I have positioned myself among the best 5,000 of approximately 900,000 professionals

Fernando Camps Q., Director of Technology
Platinoweb Chile

Component Creator has made it possible for me to deliver new components in a fraction of the time it would have taken to build them from scratch.

Steve Tsiopanos, President / Owner
Annatech LLC

Absolutely awesome! Full-featured Joomla component within a few minutes. Real life saver, highly recommended!

Private Web Development LLC

This tool is a life saver. It makes building components and installers an absolute breeze. It's so easy to customise the end result to your exact needs too. It takes the drudgery out of building your own components so you can spend more time doing the important bits.

Steve Fung, Director
Alchemy Interactive

Thank you team for such a wonderful tool. It has cut down greatly on development time and allowed me to focus more on better design and functionality. Cheers! 

Allan Mwirigi,
Futuristic Developers

Thank you!, this tool generates fully functional, ready to install, components in minutes.

Jeeja, Web Developer

Just easy to build components with this service.

Peter, Developer

Excellent help to accelerate web design. From bottom of my heart, thank you very much. It saved more than 2 days of my time. 

Hossein, IT manager and designer

This is a very simple and useful tool to start component development. Thank you for this site ;-)

Majid, Backend Developer
Ahoura Information Technology

Component Creator is a great tool for Joomla. You can build any type of component!

Dima, Web Developer
Dima Group

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