Welcome to version 3.0 of Component Creator. We have completely redesigned and re-built the interface of Component Creator. We hope you like it. If you encounter any issues please report them on GitHub.


Helemaal gratis om te gebruiken voor single-tabel componenten. Voor een onbeperkt aantal tabellen en technische support vanaf €19/maand.

Van idee naar zipfile in minuten

Creëer een concept en download het als een gecomprimeerd component in minuten. Handig als basis voor verdere ontwikkelingen of als een snelle demo voor een klant.

Admin en front end

Maak snel een volledige CRUD[?] interface in de admin en front end. Integreert met ACL[?].


Instinctief en snel wijs-en-klik interface ontworpen voor beginnelingen en gevorderde ontwerpers.

Mooie MVC code

Genereer goed geformatteerd Joomla MVC code dat de Joomla standaard volgt. Altijd actueel. Geen rotzooi. Geen opgeblazen code.

Meer dan 40 veld typen

Selecteer uit meer dan 40 verschillende veld typen. Selecteer welke velden worden meegenomen in formen, lijsten, zoekmachines en filters.

Bespaar Tijd

Bespaar enkele uren vervelend en herhalend ontwikkelingswerk per component. Complexe projecten kan u weken besparen.

Leer van de beste

Leer hoe u een Joomla component kunt ontwikkelen door naar onze gegenereerde code te kijken en bespaar uzelf uren frustraties.

Wat onze gebruikers zeggen

Component Creator has saved me hundreds of hours staring at empty files and not knowing where to start and has given me the confidence to build my own components for the first time. I can now create the component the client wants without making compromises.

Brian Teeman, Joomla! Co-founder
Joomla Training UK

Absolutely incredible tool that every Joomla developer must have!

Alex Lavrik, Joomla Component

Very easy to use to create a basic component that you can then adapt to your needs. Really useful for beginners who don't yet understand the Joomla structure.

Paul Howlett, ICT Technician
Southernway Federation

As a business owner tools like this are a lifesaver. It just works and you save days if not weeks of time and money so you can focus on the important things: your customers. Great work!

Michael Borgers, CEO

Aangepaste Componenten Ontwikkeld Door Ons

Een complexere oplossing nodig? Waarom haalt u het niet van de deskundigen? Het team achter Component Creator biedt nu aangepaste component- en website- ontwikkeling tegen concurrerende prijzen.

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28 Nov 2016

OSCampus - the New Joomla LMS

OSCampus - the New Joomla LMS

OSCampus is the new Learning Management System (LMS) for Joomla. It is very robust and widely used at OSTraining, where it’s already used by 1,000's of people every week.

OSCampus is organized in a very simple way: Classes contain Lessons. Everything is a secondary feature which can be configured or can also be omitted.

Secondary features of the Classes are: Teacher, Class image, Pathways (similar to the Joomla categories), Tags (similar to the core Joomla tags), Length (overall length of the whole class) and Difficulty (currently Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced)

This article will guide you through the OSCampus installation and features.

22 Nov 2016

Most important computer code ever written

Most important computer code ever written

Even before the first computer was invented people have been writing code. Code has helped us land on the Moon and is helping us understand and map the human DNA. In everyday life code lands airplanes, drives trains and makes our roads safer.

But what was the most important code ever written? At Component Creator we know about important code. With more than 50,000 developers using our service to write code that (at least according to some of the support tickets we get) is extremely important to their owners.

18 Nov 2016

Featured User: Janne Riihimäki

Featured User: Janne Riihimäki

Every month or so, we try to talk to some of our users and feature their story on our blog. This month we had a chat with Janne Riihimäki, entrepreneur and CEO of NagreMedia A Joomla development company based in Lahti, Finland. 

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