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4 jaren 3 maanden geleden #1486 door Randy Tobias
Import/Export werd gestart door Randy Tobias
Would it be possible to add a simple import and export ability for saving all db records of the component and restoring them? I'm finding that this would be really useful for a couple of reasons. For one thing, I am doing all of my development on a test site, and will later be installing my finished component on the production site. Some of the tables in my component are for "Program" configurations, which would remain the same on the production site as well. It would be nice to not have to recreate everything. Additionally, there are times that I need to do a full un-install and reinstall, and again, for speed sake, it would be nice to be able to just import a save set of data. I know I could manually do these actions via phpMyAdmin, but it would be really convenient if this could just be built in.

The current component that I am working on has 6 tables with a total of 72 fields, so you can see how having to manually re-enter the data could take quite some time.

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4 jaren 2 maanden geleden #1512 door Andres Maeso
Beantwoord door Andres Maeso in topic Import/Export
Hi Randy

Thank you for your feedback. That sounds like a good and interesting idea. Let's see if it gets more votes from other users and we will decide.

In the meantime, maybe you want to use phpMyJoomla to make imports and exports easier: www.phpmyjoomla.com/en/



Andrés Maeso
Customer relations manager at Joomla Component Creator.

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