Most important computer code ever written

Even before the first computer was invented people have been writing code. Code has helped us land on the Moon and is helping us understand and map the human DNA. In everyday life code lands airplanes, drives trains and makes our roads safer.

But what was the most important code ever written? At Component Creator we know about important code. With more than 50,000 developers using our service to write code that (at least according to some of the support tickets we get) is extremely important to their owners.

Featured User: Janne Riihimäki

Every month or so, we try to talk to some of our users and feature their story on our blog. This month we had a chat with Janne Riihimäki, entrepreneur and CEO of NagreMedia A Joomla development company based in Lahti, Finland. 

Featured User: Samdy Lonh

Every month or so, we try to talk to some of our users and feature their story on our blog. This month we had a chat with Samdy Lonh, A freelance Web Developer based in Cambodia who specialises in Joomla and PHP.

New features: More functionality for the Foreign Key field + New Color Picker field

This month we have added more functionality to the Foreign Key field. In case you haven’t used Component Creator yet, the Foreign Key field is the standard method we use to cross-reference tables.

Ending support for Joomla 2.5 components

From December 13th 2016 we will no longer support the creation of joomla 2.5 components. We are also stopping the addition of new features to the 2.5 branch of Component Creator effective immediately.

The reasons are the following:

3.5 compatibility & New Features

Continuing our tradition of keeping pace with Joomla updates, Component Creator is fully updated and compatible with the new Joomla 3.5 release. Every component built from now on will work on a Joomla 3.5 website, even if it uses PHP 7.

Featured User: Bruno Barbosa

Every month or so, we sit down and talk to one of our users and feature their story on our blog. This month we talked with Bruno Barbosa, CEO of IDEIA, Lda.

Joomla 3.5 is Coming!

On 27th January 2016 Joomla announced the release of Joomla 3.5 beta. Like any beta version this release is for testing purposes and should not be used on production servers. There will be no upgrade from this beta version to the final stable release. If you want to help out the Joomla community by testing this new version, or are just curious to find out what it's like, it would be best to run a clean installation on a test server or create a copy of your existing setup and install the beta there.


New Features: Content Version History and More

Continuing with the improvements we introduced at the end of 2015, we have added some new features to get 2016 of to a great start.

Content version history

All tables built with Component Creator will now have content version history. You will be able to come back to a previous version of an item and undo changes with just two clicks.

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