Together with OSTraining we have created instructional videos for Component Creator. We are continuously working on creating new documentation. Stay tuned for more! 

A basic introduction to Component Creator, its views and options.


This video explains how to build, clone, and share your component, as well as how to import components from the component directory. It also shows how to create different language files, and how to use the module function.


In this video, Cory explains how to build tables, clone tables to the same component or to other components, and how to allow your component to frontend editing. He also introduces the subforms, empty views, and configuration parameters, and explains how to edit your component settings.


This video shows you how to create a table by importing an SQL file, it explains the different admin and frontend views, how to use granular access control on each individual item, and how to add fields.


This video explains the more advanced field types, such as Subform, SQL, Component Layout, Category, and Foreign Key. It also shows how you can link tables together using the Foreign Key field.


In this video you can see how the files of your component are structured and how to edit them. It also explains how you can install your component to your Joomla site, how to add Categories, and how to add items to your component on Joomla.


Here you learn how to add your component to a menu item, what your component will look like on the frontend view, and how you can use the search and filter functions.

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