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7 years 1 month ago #226 by nikki
Confused was created by nikki
Hi, team i m new here can you help me with this component??
This component can create unlimited new/edit/delete boxes. It can place in any custom module or article with short code. Its also includes predefine plugins which works just to make connection of pages and categories to show boxes. Pre define component supports K2, Joomla, Virtu Mart, Easy blog, Mijo Shop, LUXOS travel components. 

Functional & Backend. 

Initially only 4 objects are introducing: 1- Module 2- Text 3- Heading 4- Image. 

Text & Heading can be done by Google font families selections. 

Pre Define Templates.

Here are some initial example to start with pre define templates here at least 2 predefine templates has to be done. User can create in backend custom template by clicking on custom, custom templates can saved with any name for future use.

Template Description: Every template have two areas (Area A, Area B) actually these are columns, each area can have only two objects placed in row, (Area A & B: its merged 100% of both areas.)

Preview Box.

Have three sections. 1- Quick options, 2- Desktop & tab layout 3- Mobile Layout.

Quick Options:

Global Box: This will include global template box width and height in Px’s , such as 800px width height will 1000 px. (these height inside template will be consider in % i will describe in detail ahead where it will be used.)

Controls: This box will be popup or fleet slide( fleet can be from top, left, bottom, right), Module Locker is until user is not performing submission or like, this option will be connected in module options. Cookies for the site, and expires in days. 

Event Control: This is core part of this component, On which event of JS this box will call in action or appears up. For one box user can have only one event. Events includes: On page load, Time interval after page load, On delay, On exit Intent, On click, Opt in locker, Above Fold, Below fold. 

CSS Controls. CSS control includes simple, Corner round of box, padding global, background colour, background image, opacity, transparent, Close image position (4 corners) Close Button layer. 

Jquery Includes: No Conflict, Touch to close for Mobile, Half Fleet on Mobile, Half fleet seconds remain stay on page.Animations styles for slide( fade, fade in out, squeeze, etc) Animation for pop-up.

Desktop & Tablet Preview Layer

User can make visible or invisible options. Add Box will popup Object Window with options of election name of object, save and close, Areas selections(columns), Width height % Background, Transparent options enable or disabled.Alignments of object box, Animation. Box padding from global. 

Each Object Box can edit/delete any time, by choosing pencil icon. or cross icon respectively.

On selection of objects ajax load in Object selection window.

Image: user can browse image location from PC and press save from to show image in preview box, Hidden on mobile if its hidden, 

Text: Hidden options for object on mobile, selection of google fonts families. font size. text will have standard editor of joomla, to add links possibility. 

Heading: Heading starts from h2-h6. No H1 supported due to SEO reasons. other options for mobile, hidden, and google fonts,

Module: Hidden on mobile option, Select module from published module list, ( here any module can place from published modules, such as can be slide show, carousal, signup module, article suggestions.) 

Preview box will load save objects such as Text, heading, image, but no module options.

Component assignment: 

Here all pre define component will be display it will come from enabling plugins in backend, on install joomla, plugin will automatically enabled. Other will appear up as soon as published. 

User can enable and disable where he want to show this box. on choosing of categories, it will publish all articles inside selected categories, if user place short code in article to have special promotions, this will overwrite selected category option just for that article in category not others.

It can articles, products etc.

Menu assignment will open published menu links to where user want to place this box, such as homepage, or other landing pages. 

Mobile layout: 

It can enable and disable globally for whole created box, or can show only visible mobile boxes, not hidden. It will work responsibly based on twitter bootstrapped. 

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7 years 1 month ago #227 by Andres Maeso
Replied by Andres Maeso on topic Confused
hi Nikki

Is that component made with Component Creator? What is your question about it?

Andrés Maeso
Customer relations manager at Joomla Component Creator.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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