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Some of the issues I have with Component Creator

1 year 5 months ago #9658 by RIP Graphics
First off let me say that I love the fine work of the Component Creator and the team. I want to say thank you all for a great time-saving product.

Now on to the topic at hand. It's hard to keep coming back to the site when nothing gets changed, updated, added or just something new. I think it's like they get our subscription fees and do not add anything new that we have suggested for such a long time that it's a turn-off. Too many times questions are asked and no answer is posted for such a long time. I have had times where I submitted a support ticket and never got back an answer. Nothing worse than paying well for this website and not getting the help that you are paying for. Yes, they did say it was an issue with the system that they were using but I still don't know if this has been addressed.

I would like to see some kind of monthly update on this site to let us know that it is an active community and not just a dead site. I want to feel that the Component Creator's team is paying attention to their subscribers. Please post some topics for discussion and some weekly or monthly blog posts.

It's hard for someone new coming to the Component Creator website to know how great this community really is when they can't see anything new and interesting being posted. Nothing good can come from seeing that the last post was 18 months old and still does not have an answer.

Thank you,
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1 year 4 months ago #9659 by Simon Beekman
Replied by Simon Beekman on topic Some of the issues I have with Component Creator
Hey RIP Graphics,

First of all, thanks a lot for your feedback! We highly appreciate hearing back from our users.

Let me just introduce myself, my name is Simon Beekman, I recently got assigned to the role of Product Manager for Component Creator. You are actually writing this post at a very good time, since my start last week I have been reaching out to a big part of our community that had not been active for some months and received loads of feedback.

On-forum support
One of the most-heard feedback I received was the lack of support on the forum. The forum was actually full of spam and indeed, many topics have remained unanswered for the past year(s).

We have now removed all spam from the forum and have implemented several measures to avoid this in the future.

The original idea of the forum was that it would function as a community forum, which was indicated on the forum, but not very clear for many users. To boost the community and provide even better support for our users we have decided to assign Carl to manage the community and answer doubts, questions and ideas of all our users. In the coming days, we will also answer all old posts that remained unanswered to get the discussion moving again on our forum.

Roadmap and changelog
Even though the roadmap and changelog had not been updated for quite some time as well, we are actually constantly improving Component Creator and have been adding new features and improvements behind the screens.

One of the points on my agenda is to update the Changelog with all mayor features and updates that have been implemented over the past time. The roadmap for this year will be updated any time soon as well, our biggest focus right now is to make Component Creator compatible with Joomla 4, which we are currently working on.

Joomla 4
As mentioned above, we are currently preparing Component Creator with the known upcoming changes of Joomla 4.

Our expectations are that upon Beta release, or shortly after, Component Creator will be fully compatible with Joomla 4.

Ticket system
We have indeed experienced issues with our ticket system, some requests ended up in spam and remained unanswered. We can completely understand that when paying for a service such as Component Creator you expect good support when you run into problems.

We have resolved our issues with the ticketing system and I will personally take responsibility of making sure that technical issues that are reported through the ticketing system will be resolved.

I have many more points and plans on my agenda, such as blog posts, sending updates on new features and offers by mail and having more interaction with our community. All of these will be implemented over the next weeks, so I would like to ask you to sit tight for all the good to come.

If you have any feature requests or other points of feedback for us, do not hesitate to direct them to me.

Again, thanks a lot for your feedback!

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