Featured User: Samdy Lonh

Every month or so, we try to talk to some of our users and feature their story on our blog. This month we had a chat with Samdy Lonh, A freelance Web Developer based in Cambodia who specialises in Joomla and PHP.

What does your company do?

I am an Advanced Joomla Administrator and Web Application Developer using PHP. I also focus on System Analysis and Mobile Data Collection using Open Data Kit

How long have you been using Component Creator?

I have been using component creator for more than 2 years.

Roughly how many components have you built using Component Creator?

I have built around 5 components for my clients and a few more for my own personal testing.

How much time do you estimate Component Creator has saved you?

It saved me a lot of time. It took me about one week to complete a fully functional database with 5 tables and around 70 fields. If if I had to code this myself it would have taken me around two months to complete the same task.

Can you give an example of a component that was built using Component Creator?

I used Component Creator to create a simple relational database with around 5 tables. On another project I created a manager for digital files (e-Books).

Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve Component Creator?

Overall component Creator is great. It has a pure native Joomla interface and supports almost 80% of Joomla Form Fields. My suggestion for update is (1) repeatable field, file upload, image upload single and multiple. Image display on frontend, dependency field (showon) and the ability to customize front-end view.

Editor's note: Component Creator already offers support for the dependency field, the image upload through the media manager field as well as a separate file upload field. Repeatable fields has been abandoned by Joomla and has instead been implemented as sub forms in Joomla 3.6. This concept will be available in Component Creator shortly.

What do you like best about Component Creator?

I like that it can save me a lot of time to create from simple to complex relational databases.

Anything you would like to add?

I hope component creator will continue to improve over time. One most important thing for me is to upgrade to drag and drop component builder.

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