old user import need advice

old user import need advice

4 Jahre 1 Monat her - 4 Jahre 1 Monat her #1473 von Lisa

Doing a site update for a client. Old hand coded site has two tables of users with extensive history in linked tables. I need to keep these thousands of historical records linked to their users by the id numbers.

I've got all the data in my component. But now I want to import these users into Joomla and link the joomla user ID to the extended information in the two radically different tables.

Those in table A will have a different ACL than those in table B.

Table A has user IDs 1-9000, Table B has different users, IDs 1-18000.

So I need new users in the system 1-27000 linked to the right users in the right tables, but somehow keeping the relationship with data in the history tables.

I know I need to update more than joomla user table, but not sure which others?

And I have no idea how to proceed.

I'm just wondering if anyone with more experience has a suggestion on how to handle this?

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4 Jahre 1 Monat her #1475 von Victor

Hi Lisa,

I'm Victor, Lead developer of Component Creator and this enquiry has been escalated to me. I'm afraid that you have a tricky task in your hands and there is not an easy solution for this.

What I would suggest is to try to create a table that try to cover as much as possible the historic table of both Table A and Table B. Once you have this, migrate the users and their data from Table A and then migrate Table B and their data changing the references using the new identifier in Joomla! users table.

This is out of Component Creator, even our of our Premium support because this problem is caused by an overcomplicated database design process but I just wanted to throw some light to your problem.



Back-end developer on Component Creator

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4 Jahre 1 Monat her #1478 von Lisa

Thanks, Victor!

I know it is outside of your component -- hence my request for advice in the forum rather than support. (grin) I'm confident the database will be much simpler when I'm done!!! I figured someone else in this group of folks might have encountered or might encounter this in future.

When someone has over-designed a database, that's when we get called in to fix it, right?

Thanks for the advice. I do appreciate it.

I think I've got a solution. Using the user set with the least amount of additional linking tables, I'm going to adjust their user id to current id + (# greater than other table highest id value) and then do the same in each of the related fields. This should keep the relationships intact while allowing me to combine Tables A and B. Then I just have to import them into the affected Joomla tables...

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