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Default content, pre defined table records

Default content, pre defined table records

5 Jahre 10 Monate her #777 von AdamSki

Few common examples:
-Payment types,
-Honorific (titles)

When shipping Joomla component I would like to have ability to attach default table values so further users 
don't have to enter country by country (however they may still add or edit one).
Now when I click "Import SQL +" only table structure is imported whereas records are not... or maybe am I missing something? :-)

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5 Jahre 10 Monate her #781 von Walt Sorensen

I would say not just countries, but also include a state/providence table.
Zip/postal Codes is another good "table look up" for default table options which would include predefined data.

State/providence and Zip/postal can be filtered by countries or can reverse fill (enter a zip code and auto fill the city/state/country)

It would be nice from a component building stand point to choose to include all data, a select set, or a select set + a custom set

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5 Jahre 10 Monate her - 5 Jahre 10 Monate her #783 von Randy Carey

(responding as a fellow user of CC...)

Joomla allows us to add a script to the installation that performs additional actions - such as initializing a table with values or enabling a plugin or adding one or more modules to the db.  Since every person's needs are different, you have to code this yourself and add it to the installation package.

As for countries/states, I suggested this a while back.  I think the best way is to create a custom field type that comes preloaded with all the valid options, and the user can only select one (or more) from this list.  Once you create and debug such a field, you should be able to add it quickly to any component.  Here is how I'd add the field: I would create the country or state field within the component, install the component, drop that new field-type file into the /models/fields folder, and then change the country or state fields to the new type.  This isn't too hard (once you create the reusable field type).  My original suggestion to CC is to establish a library where users can submit their own custom field types for others to reuse.  This might be asking too much of CC, but for each of us, we can build our own custom field types to reuse between projects.   ...and don't forget, we can do this only because Joomla is so rich and flexible - we just need to learn it well to know what all we can do with it.

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4 Jahre 7 Monate her - 4 Jahre 7 Monate her #1395 von Yves Blatti

I would LOVE to be able to insert default values in tables !!

Can be used for :
* demo / default records for future users
* ease the tests of the result created by component creator once installed (dont' have to populate everything)
* "system" tables of the component, with predefined lists etc.

(Bonus) We then could have default values on foreign keys fields

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