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New Features: Content Version History and More

New Features: Content Version History and More

Continuing with the improvements we introduced at the end of 2015, we have added some new features to get 2016 of to a great start.

Content version history

All tables built with Component Creator will now have content version history. You will be able to come back to a previous version of an item and undo changes with just two clicks.

 As the activation of this feature can use a lot of space in your database, it will be turned off by default. To activate it, just go to your component configuration in the Joomla admin and enable it on the "component" tab. Remember you can also limit the number of versions stored in the field "Maximum Versions".

We decided to run the extra mile and ensure that your past changes will be stored even if you make changes to your component in Component Creator and you install it again.

Improved behavior on record edition

Some of our users detected that users who had permission to edit a record but did not have permission to change the state (published/unpublished) of that item. When a user with these characteristics edited and saved a record, the state was automatically changed to 0 (unpublished).

This issue has been fixed and status is not modified when editing a record from now on.

New URL field

We added URL field to our huge list of available fields. If you're still missing a field though, let us know by posting a feature reques in the forum.

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