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Component Creator Development Roadmap

Component Creator Development Roadmap

Thanks to all our users who voted in our poll, we have been able to better make prioritizations and have arrived at the following development roadmap.


Features we are already working on

  • Complete redesign. Some of your requests had to do with user experience, such as an easy way of ordering the component list. We are working on a complete redesign that will fix this and overall improve the component creator experience.
  • We have started to add 14 new fields. Some of them have already been implemented:
    • Modified by ✓
    • Checkboxes ✓
    • Header tag ✓
    • Groupedlist ✓
    • Folderlist ✓
    • Filelist ✓
    • Imagelist ✓
    • Note ✓
    • Telephone ✓
    • Meter ✓
    • Number ✓

Upcoming features

  • Abandon legacy classes as soon as the new ones are properly documented and adopted by the Joomla CMS.
  • Content history. One of the biggest additions to the Joomla 3 branch.
  • Make Foreign Key field support N to N relationships
  • Add an alias field and use it in the component router ✓
  • Add an option to organize forms with tabs and fieldsets
  • Allow adding custom fields
  • Allow editing and saving of generated code before building the component
  • Set the default ordering of a list
  • Option to duplicate an item in Joomla Backend
  • Make it possible to choose any field of a list as the link to form view
  • Improve field uploads, set location and turn off MD5 hash
  • Nested set models

If you want to keep track of the progress, follow us on Twitter, Facebook. We will also continue to send newsletters with updates on the new features.

If you are missing a new feature, let us know by posting your suggestion in the feature request forum.

Please be patient with us. The features above will be implemented over the next several months.

Updated the 2nd of October 2015.

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