List of Joomla Contributors (Joomlers) On Twitter

A “Joomler” is a person who actively contributes to make Joomla awesome. It is not only developers but designers, translators, organizers, advisors and volunteers etc.

We are trying to put together a complete list of all Joomlers, as we hope it will be a helpful resource for the Joomla community. 

We know we there are still a lot of people missing from our list, which is why we need your help! If you have any suggestions on where to find more contributors, or if we have missed adding you or someone you know, please get in touch. 

Here is where we have been looking so far

Joomla Leadership Team

Github users contributing to Joomla repository

Forum Moderators

Joomla Day & JUGs organizers/speakers

Joomla Magazine writers

Thank you for your help and support.!

Want to contribute to Joomla? is a good place to start!


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