Error 500 Everywhere

There is a common issue that sometimes occurs when building your first component with Component Creator: receiving a 500 error when you try to access the front-end view of your newly installed component.

Many users think this is some kind of bug and I have lost count of how many times we have solved this issue via tickets, forum threads or chats. [...]

This is not a bug but a configuration issue. For security reasons, guests (a normal visitor) can’t access the front-end view on the default setting. It’s a security precaution that can be circumvented just by setting your component’s ACL correctly. 

Access Control Lists can determine which users can gain access to certain parts of the website. For example, will a menu choice be visible for a given user.

To make your front-end view (usually a form) accessible to normal visitors, you just need to change your settings here:

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